Soul Family

The Story of Soul

Hello! We are Soul.


We are a family-run baby carrier company from Bangalore, India. Founder Chinmayie, her partner Ravindra, and their daughter and son, are a homeschooling, breastfeeding, cloth-diapering, attachment-parenting, co-sleeping, and of course, babywearing family of four.

Chinmayie dreamed of Soul when she had her first child and experienced for herself the difference that babywearing can make to a parent’s journey. By the time her second child was born Soul was already starting to take shape. The food blogger and photographer behind, a vegetarian food blog that advocates sustainability, organic food and supports everything local, Chinmayie always knew that her vision of Soul had to match these lifestyle choices. Today, her own design and art background strongly influence her choice of designs and fabrics. Alongside, attachment-parenting two children ensures that Soul carriers are always practical and pocket-friendly!

After months of providing unstinting support in every way feasible to his wife’s dream, Ravindra joined the Soul team. A branding and UI consultant by training, he officially manages all the creative work at Soul and does a lot more behind the scenes as well! Together Ravindra and Chinmayie have ensured that every Soul product is the result of collaboration and partnership, exploring and experimenting with varied textiles, colours and textures to create beautiful, comfortable baby carriers.

Our Philosophy

Soul believes that babywearing can make the world happier, that babywearing has a domino effect. It creates independent, healthy, secure, loving and sensitive people, who then go on to spread these virtues to the next generation.

Babywearing to us is a way of life, a philosophy rather than just the practice of carrying or wearing a child. It has implications that spread beyond the family and the home, and we believe in contributing to and supporting the growth of this world.

We also believe in affordability for everyone. Modern babywearing is still relatively new with a majority of parents yet to discover the world of baby carriers. Since we are based out of India, we constantly strive to make our baby carriers affordable to Indian parents as well as parents all over the world.

Importantly, we understand that babies and their wearers come with many and varied preferences. Thus we have developed different styles of carriers, so that every parent can find something that suits their family best.

Soul works hard to support local and fair-trade practices, small-scale artisans and weavers by working closely with cooperatives and non-profit organizations. When Ravindra and Chinmayie are not on the road visiting weavers, they are in the Soul studio working alongside the Soul tailors. Every Soul carrier is handcrafted in-house by our skilled employees who have many years of experience. We value every member of our team and believe that employees produce the most beautiful and safe carriers when working in a safe, happy and comfortable work environment.

Chinmayie shares how she started Soul.

“The story of Soul Slings began 5 years ago when my daughter was born.

My daughter Alaru was a high needs baby who wanted to be carried constantly so I bought a baby carrier by a well-known international brand. At that point, I knew very little about babywearing. Little did I know that these famous infant carriers were not really right for me. They were thick, padded, and in the Indian summer, my baby was sweaty and uncomfortable, and it just didn’t feel right! By the time I learnt about ring slings, my daughter was already growing up.

After 4 years when I found out I was expecting again, I was a more confident parent who knew that she wanted to babywear extensively. Having an older child at home all the time, I had to figure out a way to care for my second baby and be on my feet at the same time. I researched all the different kinds of baby carriers in India and abroad, and decided a ring sling was the ideal choice considering my lifestyle and the Indian climate. I had to get it down from the US as it wasn’t locally available.

The first time I wore my son in my ring sling was when he was barely a few days old. I fell in love with my baby sling instantly. My newborn son was comfortably napping on me while I read books or went out for walks with my 5-year old daughter. Every time he was crying, all I needed to do was to wear him in my ring sling and he would settle down in minutes.  Even when he was awake, it only felt right to keep him warm and close to me. As he grew older, I learnt to wrap him. Eventually, as a busy toddler, he showed a strong preference for SSCs. Today we choose our daily carrier depending on our mood and planned activities!

I couldn’t imagine my life without my baby carriers. I never stepped out of the house without one. I remembered my life when my daughter was a newborn and realized that with a good ring sling those days could have been a lot less stressful for both of us.

That’s when I decided to start Soul. I knew I could make a difference in every parent’s life by introducing them to safe and affordable babywearing. As my son and I explored different styles of babywearing, Soul grew and increased its options for babywearers everywhere.

When we started out I searched in vain for baby carriers which were locally made, well-constructed and elegant. So I decided to do it myself.”

~ Chinmayie

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